Historical Soccer Prediction Results

We publicly share our past prediction results. On this page, you can find which predictions we had for each match we haveĀ  covered during the recent weeks, what odds were offered by bookmakers and which results matches ended with.

As we update this table periodically, following our prediction results can help you to analyze leagues and teams from a predictability point of view. Since we make odds available as well, you can perform your own risk analysis too for the leagues that you are interested in.

Please note that given reference odds happen to differ from one bookmaker to another and given odds at your bookmaker might have been different than the ones given in the table below.

1 / X / 2:
Home Wins / Tie / Away Wins
FT(1/X/2): Full Time Match Result Prediction for 1, X and 2 accordingly
Odd: Reference odds for each relevant bet based on predictions
FT_HTG: Full Time Home Team Goals
FT_ATG: Full Time Away Team Goals

Detailed Soccer Prediction Results

[table id=24 /]