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We use our own Artificial Intelligence solution that we have developed based on statistical data from over 40.000 NBA matches.

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European Football Betting
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A probability is given for each betting scenario. Suitable for people having strong analytical skills.

Soccer leagues covered from 11 European countries (England, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Scotland, Greece)

By using our predictions, you can design your own coupons & determine the level of risk you would like to take in sports betting. We got 69.38x in return last night.

Facts about Wise Prediction

We share NBA betting predictions on each match day.

We share weekend soccer match predictions for people having strong analytical skills.

We publicly publish our prediction results periodically!

And we use Artificial Intelligence. No human interaction is involved in generation of our predictions.

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Who openly shares prediction results? We do it.
We mainly focus on NBA but also share soccer match result predictions for all major European soccer leagues. Check out our soccer prediction results for more than 2200 matches this season. Analyze the data and develop your own intelligence to use our predictions for the upcoming matches in the best possible way. Start your analysis here.

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We use our own AI solutions to provide the most consistent predictions for every match

We only rely on our own AI models when generating our NBA predictions.

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What we offer

Are you interested in sports betting but don't have the time to do the analysis on all NBA basketball teams? No worries! We have that problem as well and that's why we have developed this platform. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered algorithms continuously analyze the performance of all NBA teams everyday and help us figure out which results we can expect from upcoming matches.
NBA is competitive and odds are mostly higher than that of soccer matches.
We have trained our AI models based on statistical data from more than 40K basketball matches. We think that the form situation of each team is the most determining factor for the result of each game being played. Our models determine the chance of each team to win a match based on the recent performance situation of teams that are playing against each other. We additionally share Over/Under predictions as well for each basketball match in NBA. We daily update our database to use the latest performance parameters of teams to get the most accurate predictions. Depending on the NBA fixture, we share predictions for 40+ NBA basketball matches every week.
Betting on soccer matches requires a lot of analysis prior to the start of matches.
Beside full / half time match result predictions, we also share probabilities for over / under predictions on soccer (European football) matches. Since we cover 11 different European countries and 20 soccer leagues, we often end up sharing predictions for 150+ soccer matches every week. This does not mean that all these matches are safe to bet on, our members being particularly interested in soccer can read our predictions, make comparisons with our past predictions, draw correlations & conclusions, and then prepare a betting strategy for the upcoming matches. It requires some work, but it ends up being profitable if it is done properly. Our predictions are appreciated particularly by people having strong analytical skills. We have developed our Artificial Intelligence (AI) models based on 70K+ historical match statistics to develop the best prediction models in the market.
Wise Prediction is an independent platform.
Note that we do not provide a betting service and only provide predictions by using advanced Machine Learning (ML) techniques. We have automated everything so that you don't need to bother yourself with the technicalities and just enjoy the final predictions we share.

It is possible to make money in sports betting but it requires strategical thinking and patience. On each match day, we prepare coupon predictions as well by analyzing our prediction results in great detail. You still do not have to follow our own coupons, since you will have full access to our probabilistic predictions, you will have the opportunity to design your own coupons as well. Creating a passive income source is possible but it requires analytical skills and a great patience. We do think that predictions for all matches need to be done in a consistent manner and our platform is developed with this principle in mind. We only share the results of our prediction algorithms with our members and no human interaction is involved when generating our predictions.


Note that we only provide betting predictions and do not provide a betting service. No one can guarantee a match result before it is played. If you bet on any match based on our predictions, you do it at your own risk. You are responsible for following the laws of your country.
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