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Soccer Predictions

We share probabilities for each potential match result (Home Wins, Tie or Away Wins) and Over/Under 2.5 Goals. We also make odds available for each prediction so that you can evaluate predictions by looking at odds offered by bookmakers as well.

Since we openly share our past prediction results, you can analyze which leagues or teams are more predictable and develop your own betting strategy by getting help from past prediction results.

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England, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Holland, Scotland, Belgium, Greece, Austria, Australia, USA, Russia, China, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland

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Suitable for people having strong analytical skills.

Soccer leagues from 20 countries (England, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Holland, Scotland, Belgium, Greece, Austria, Australia, USA, Russia, China, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland)

Who openly shares past prediction results? We do!

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Facts about Wise Prediction

We share soccer match predictions for people having strong analytical skills.

We publicly publish our prediction results periodically!

And we use Artificial Intelligence. No human interaction is involved in generation of our predictions.

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What we offer

For people being interested in sports and sports betting in particular, who do not have the possibility to analyze tens & hundreds of competitions every week, Wise Prediction offers Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered betting predictions for soccer matches. Since we let machines analyze teams and make predictions, all our predictions are generated in a consistent manner which is not feasible if the work is done manually by an individual.

If you are interested in sports betting but don’t have the time to do the analysis on all soccer teams, our solutions can help you to deal with this problem. Our AI powered algorithms continuously analyze the performance of all soccer teams everyday and help us figure out which results we can expect from upcoming matches. 

Soccer Predictions
We primarily share full time match result and over/under total goals predictions in soccer. We cover soccer leagues from 20 different countries from the world, primarily focusing on European football (soccer) leagues. As we openly share our past prediction results as well, our members get the chance to analyze our past prediction results, make comparisons, draw correlations & conclusions, and then prepare a betting strategy for the upcoming matches. Our predictions are appreciated particularly by people having strong analytical skills. 
Wise Prediction is an independent platform.
We do not provide a betting service and only provide predictions by using advanced Machine Learning (ML) techniques. We have automated everything so that you don’t need to bother yourself with the technicalities and just enjoy the final predictions we share.

Beside probabilistic predictions for match results and/or statistics, we can share coupon predictions as well by analyzing our prediction results. You do not have to follow our own coupons, since you will have full access to our probabilistic predictions and thereby you will have the opportunity to design your own coupons by using the probabilistic predictions. We do think that predictions for all matches need to be done in a consistent manner and our platform is developed with this principle in mind. No human interaction is involved when generating our predictions, and we solely rely on our own models that we have developed.


Note that we only provide betting predictions and do not provide a betting service. No one can guarantee a match result before it is played. If you bet on any match based on our predictions, you do it at your own risk. You are responsible for following the laws of your country.

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