Terms and Conditions

Wise Prediction provides match result predictions and betting tips based on the outputs of predictive modeling algorithms developed by using the techniques of Artificial Intelligence.

In order to be able to see the entire list of predictions, the user needs to become a member to www.wiseprediction.com as long as Wise Prediction does not change its policy. Wise Prediction holds the right of making any changes in the membership policy in case the need is seen.

A registered member at Wise Prediction gets access to match result predictions prepared based on algorithmic prediction results. A member is not allowed to share our predictions with any other third party. A member is not either allowed to sell our content to any other third party. If it is detected that a registered member shares his/her login details with another person, the registered member's subscription is cancelled.

Team names given in our tables in some cases might not match the exact actual names of teams. We might have shorthened some of team names for simplicity.

Wise Prediction does not provide a betting service.

Wise Prediction solely provides predictions by analyzing the historical performance data of relevant teams. Predictions indicate the expected result of each match but this may not be taken as a guarantee. Sports competetions are always subject to unexpected results and Wise Prediction does not take any responsibility if a given match does not end as predicted.

Wise Prediction may offer different membership plans and offerings may change throughout the time.

Wise Prediction may offer memberships with recurring payment plans where the user pays a membership fee each week, month, or year (depending on the membership type created. For such cases where the user has a recurring payment plan, if a user ends his/her subscription before the end of already paid membership period, the user is not reimbursed for the period he/she has already paid for. The termination of the subscription only takes place starting from the end of already paid membership period. For example, if the user has a monthly subscription and has already paid the monthly fee for the month of July, the potential termination of the subscription that is requested by the user any time during the July only takes effect starting from the end of July and the subscription fee for July is not paid back.

Wise Prediction may also offer memberships with one time payment only. This kind of membership gives access to sports betting predictions at Wise Prediction for the time that the user has paid for according to the selected membership plan. After the user (member) gets access to predictions, the paid fee is not refunded to the user. For such membership plans with one time payment, since there is no recurring payments, the user does not need to end his/her subscription. For example, a user can create a 1 week membership that gives access to sports betting predictions for 7 days and the user makes only 1 payment to get access to all predictions for the entire 7 days. At the end of these 7 days, the user loses his/her access to predictions and can buy a new membership plan to continue having access to sports betting predictions.

Wise Prediction holds the right to change the pricing of membership fee at any time. If a user has already paid his/her membership fee for a certain period, the change in the membership fee does not affect the ongoing period no matter the fee has been increased or decreased. The price change only affects the yet unpaid membership periods. Wise Prediction holds the right to apply pricing changes to a selected group of users when needed.

In order to provide the best service to our followers, we might filter out some of the matches each week. This may occur in situations i.e. system issues or lack of data. We solely rely on our models when providing our predictions.

Rules and laws of each country may change in the domain of sports betting. By becoming a member to our platform and accepting our terms and conditions, you as user also confirm that you are at least 18 years old. If you bet on sports competitions by taking our predictions as reference, you do it at your own risk and we do not take any responsibility in case of loss of money.

By subscribing to our platform, you accept our terms and conditions.