Historical Soccer Coupon Prediction Results

You always have the freedom to develop your own betting strategy by using our probabilistic predictions. Below, you can find results of our coupon prediction exercise that we trial based on the output of our AI models. 

Soccer Coupon Strategy

– The exercise starts with a $1 initial betting budget. (This does not mean that you should also start from $1 as well in case you trial this exercise yourself. It is highly recommended to start with as low amount as possible.) 
– The betting amount for a coupon is determined based on the result of previous coupon results. Whenever a coupon holds, the new betting amount for the next coupon is set to $1 again. If a given coupon does not hold, the betting amount for the next coupon is doubled.
– If 3 consecutive coupon predictions fail in a row, the betting amount is set to $1 again in order to avoid exponential increase of potential losses in case coupon predictions keep failing consecutively. (In case you practice this algorithm, you may define your own threshold depending on our budget.)

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