NBA coupon predictions are paused for the moment. We will be sharing coupon predictions again starting from 2020 August 17. You can check out our probabilistic predictions until then.

2in1 - Historical NBA Coupon Prediction Results

One can design his/her own coupons by using our probabilistic predictions. On this page, we openly share results of our 2in1 NBA basketball coupon predictions.

In the method of 2in1 coupons (as we call it), coupons are prepared based on the following logic:

  • Each coupon includes either 2 matches (which is more common) or 1 match (which is more seldom).
  • Matches are selected based on the ourput of our AI models, and predictability of each league and team in the recent weeks.
  • Each coupon’s total odd (potential ROI) mostly varies between 2.25x and 4.5x. Coupons that cannot return at least 2.25x are excluded no matter how safe or risky they look based on our probabilistic predictions.
  • An equal amount is invested on each coupon in this exercise. $10 is used for our exercise below but it does not mean that you should invest the same amount. You should never bet with amounts that you cannot afford losing.
  • Coupons are shared on each match day in NBA.
  • Each time, several coupons are shared at once. Some predictions can and will always fail. Having several coupons simultaneously helps to distribute the risk. 
  • Since fairly high odd matches are selected based on the output of our AI models, potential returns may be high. In this way, it is also aimed to reduce the amount of potential losses when accuracy gets very low.