Introduction to NBA Betting Strategy

We recommend you not to overlook NBA when building your betting strategy, and there are several reasons behind it.

  • Unlike soccer, there are only 2 potential final results for each match: Win or Lose. Since "tie" is not an option for the final result of the match, it significantly reduces the level of risk you take.
  • Compared to soccer, a lot more points are scored in a basketball match. As the number of points increases in a sports competition, the risk of seeing unexpected results decreases. You maybe see - say - 3 goals in a soccer match that determines the winner at the end. But in a basketball match in NBA, teams tend to score around 200 points in one single match. The better team is always closer to winning the match.
  • In soccer, the team that scores a goal mostly starts moving around the ball instead of seeking new goals and they do it for consuming the time. In basketball, each team has at most 24 seconds to finalize their attack. This increases the significance of one single goal quite a lot in soccer but one point is not equally significant in basketball. 
  • In a given league in soccer, teams mostly play one single match every week. In NBA, teams play almost every single day. There is a chance for making faster profit in NBA if it is done wisely.
  • If a player gets red card in a soccer match, that player leaves the game and his team continues the game with 1 less player. This becomes a huge disadvantage for the team that has lost its player, and it is a valid concern even for the strongest teams that are expected to win their matches. In basketball, if a player makes 6 fouls, he still needs to leave the game but another player replaces him so that the team never plays the game with 1 less player.
  • For whatever reason, odds tend to be higher for NBA matches and many bookmakers provide generous handicap betting options.

We at Wise Prediction share even NBA betting predictions that are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). While doing this, we continuously analyze teams and generate our predictions based on the latest performance situation of each team. The power comes from the fact that all sophisticated calculations are done in a consistent manner by our AI algorithms. No human is involved in decision making for our predictions as we think that humans cannot make the same advanced predictions in a consistent manner as good as well-developed AI models. By using our predictions, you can identify the risky matches that you possibly should avoid betting from and also the ones that look safer to bet on from a scientific point of view.